10 Tips To Make Your Bedroom Better For Sleep

Sleep is one of the basic elements of daily life, yet so many of us still aren’t getting quality rest. For many people, it can be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Getting at least eight hours of interrupted rest is essential to staying healthy. So how do you improve sleep hygiene and get better rest? The good news is, there are plenty of ways! We explore some of our favorite tips and the products that help us get better sleep each and every night

Why is proper sleep hygiene so important?

Put simply, without quality sleep, your body can’t function the way it's supposed to. Beyond simple feelings of exhaustion, long-term consequences can have a serious impact on your health.

Studies show that consistently missing out on sleep for years on end can result in various health conditions and diseases. In fact, those who don’t get enough sleep are at greater risk for heart disease or stroke than those who slept seven to eight hours per night. Research also shows a link between poor sleep and type 2 diabetes due to the adverse effects on blood sugar.

While these statistics are frightening, even your everyday health and wellness are affected by sleep. Getting enough rest is linked to better immune function to fight off the common cold and inflammation. You’re also more likely to maximize your performance during exercise, which may help you maintain healthy body weight. Finally, as we all know, cognitive functioning is severely impacted with even one bad night of sleep.

What are the signs of bad sleep hygiene?

Poor sleep hygiene will result in excessive drowsiness or exhaustion during the day. You may also have trouble concentrating. Unfortunately, there are so many other ways poor sleep habits can creep into the rest of your life.

Some signs of bad sleep hygiene include:

  • It takes more than 30 minutes for you to fall asleep
  • You wake up multiple times throughout the night
  • You feel more angry, depressed, or emotional than usual
  • You are gaining weight and feel hungry more often
  • Skin changes like acne and eye puffiness are beginning to develop

If you’re experiencing several of these issues, it may be time to evaluate your habits in order to get better sleep.

How can I fall asleep faster? Here are 10 tips...

The importance of sleep can’t be overstated, so how do we get more of it? From products to lifestyle habits, we’ve gathered ten helpful tips.

Want more support? Contact our team at Bedding Plus or visit one of our locations for personalized tips.

1. Set a consistent sleep schedule

Whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, following a consistent sleep schedule will help your body get into a healthy routine. Choose a bedtime and wake-up time that allows for eight hours of consecutive sleep.

While it may be tempting to stay up late for work or social events, it’s best to be consistent if you want to improve your sleep habits. Know what schedule works for your unique body and stick to it.

2. Develop a nightly routine

A big part of your nightly routine should include 30 minutes of time to wind down before bed. After you’ve finished getting ready for bed, it’s time to dim the lights and unplug your electronics. The blue light from your phone, tablet, and computer can all stimulate your brain and decrease melatonin production.

Instead, look for an activity that helps you relax. Whether it’s reading a book, writing in a journal, or meditating, find what works for you. These activities can put you in the right mindset for a restful night of sleep.

3. Find the perfect weighted blanket

There’s nothing more comforting than the feeling of a warm hug. With weighted blankets, you can feel this type of relaxation all night.

Many studies have found that weighted blankets can boost your mood and ease stress to promote a night of deeper sleep. For those with rigorous daytime activities, a weighted blanket can even encourage athletic recovery and soothe restless leg syndrome.

Available in a range of sizes and weights, we recommend the Malouf weighted blanket to achieve the perfect level of comfort.

4. Reduce your coffee and alcohol consumption

Most of us love our morning cup of coffee, but don’t let your caffeine habit linger into the afternoon. This stimulant can keep you wired long after your last sip!

When should you cut off the caffeine? Experts say that half of the caffeine you consumed can still be in your body six hours later. In fact, it can take up to ten hours to completely clear caffeine from your bloodstream. With this in mind, it’s best to completely avoid caffeinated beverages in the afternoon.

5. Find a daily fitness routine that works for you

Exercise is one of the best ways to stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight. But did you know that it also has a significant impact on your sleep?

Exercise can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more peacefully. As little as 30 minutes per day can make a difference. If possible, exercising outside is even more beneficial.

Note that it’s important to avoid exercise too close to bedtime. Try to complete your fitness routine one to two hours before you settle in for the night. This gives you plenty of time to wind down and lower your body temperature.

6. Try luxurious CBD pillows

You’re probably seeing CBD everywhere lately and for good reason. Many experts believe it can help you manage pain, stress, and restlessness. As CBD grows in popularity, it’s bringing benefits to new and unique products.

At Bedding Plus, we carry pillows that have been infused with CBD and a soothing sage scent. Our Malouf CBD pillows feature premium memory foam that is responsive and exceptionally supportive. Enjoy the soothing effects of CBD for a truly restful night of sleep.

7. Create a dark, cool, and quiet environment

Optimizing your bedroom to get better sleep is a crucial part of improving sleep hygiene.

First, block out any light that could be creeping in from the outdoors. Invest in blackout shades or an eye mask to maintain a pitch-black environment.

Next, check your thermostat. While everyone has a different preference, it’s best to keep your room relatively cool, somewhere around 65 degrees.

Finally, drown out all of the excess noise you may hear from the street or even roommates. A fan or white noise machine is a great way to do this, but some people prefer to wear earplugs.

8. Indulge in oh-so-comfy sheets

Resting is much easier when you’re cradled in comfort! Your sheets should be soft and inviting every time you crawl into bed. At Bedding Plus, we carry some of the most comfortable sheets you’ll find on the market at various price points.

Try the Supima® Cotton Sheets made exclusively of 100% U.S.-grown extra-long-staple cotton. Looking for an extravagant level of comfort? Take a look at the Italian Artisan Sheet Set, manufactured from Egyptian cotton in the mountains of northern Italy. A cozy set of sheets invites you into bed and more restful slumber.

9. Use calming scents

Soothing scents have a way of settling us into a state of rest and relaxation. Lavender is widely known as the most relaxing scent to use before bedtime. Consider using it in the form of an oil roller ball that you simply rub on your wrists and temples.

If you prefer more saturation of the scent, you may want to invest in a diffuser that releases the scent all night long. Some diffusers even come with a white noise machine built in!

10. Find the perfect mattress for your sleep style

From stomach sleepers to side sleepers, everyone has a mattress that is best for their body type and sleep style. It’s important to choose the right one in order to get the best sleep possible. Whether you’re searching for a traditional innerspring mattress or the latest and greatest in memory foam technology, Bedding Plus has a wide selection of brands and models.

In general, these are the most common types of mattresses (find more information on each here):

  • Innerspring: Constructed with metal coils, this popular type of mattress provides a firm surface for a variety of sleep styles.
  • Memory foam: Find the pressure point relief you need with the cradling comfort of memory foam.
  • Hybrid: By combining traditional metal coils with memory foam technology, sleepers experience balanced support.
  • Latex: Embrace the natural softness and breathability of latex. This type of mattress conforms to your body, but still provides bounce.
  • Air: Change the way your mattress feels with the push of a button and find perfect comfort every night with an adjustable air-chambered mattress.

At Bedding Plus, we provide delivery and set up for all mattresses, as well as 0% interest-free financing for up to 60 months. Even better? We offer a 365-night comfort guarantee on qualifying purchases.

It's Time To #SleepBetter

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